Why Xamarin ?

Xamarin is Microsofts tool for creating real native apps for iOS, Android and Windows.

Xamarin solutions use the same source code for iOS, Android and Windows. With Xamarin Forms you even get to use the same UI descriptions. Xamarin is a genuine cross-platform tool with high productivity. 

Xamarin solutions are based on C# and the .NET framework which typically integrates well with the rest of the business IT infrastructure. 

Xamarin apps has the same efficiency, possibilities and speed as apps made with tools from Apple and Google.

How do we work ?

We prefer to develop solutions in a MVVM Prism paradigm using Xamarin Forms where all UI is modelled in XAML.

We prefer Microsoft Azure when developing  a web-API, when using a server database or when including other types of backend resources.

We use Git, Jira (Kanban + backlog), Trello and Slack to manage the process and facilitate transparency.

We start with a talk and a prototype. Together we then gradually and iteratively move towards a common defined goal that can be adjusted as we go.