Timegnu is a free app, der connects to the project module in e-conomic. It makes it simple and fast to manage your time and milage registrations when you're not seated at your desktop. 

Timegnu strives to be 1-til-1 with the e-conomic project module. If it is in the project module and accessible through the API then Timegnu will expose that feature.

Timegnu is currently being simutaniously developed for iOS and Android using Xamarin Forms. The platforms shares  98% of the C# code and the UI.

Timegnu uses an Azure API and SQL Server. Communication with e-conomic is done through a SOAP API.

The app communication layers was easy to implement due to the fact that Xamarin is based on Microsoft tools and .NET.

C#, .NET og Azure Web and SQL Services, SOAP API, e-conomic integration, Xamarin Forms.

Architecture, design, hosting, support, Azure development, Xamarin Forms development.

Link to Android Beta (new app)
Link to App Store (current app)
Link to e-conomic app-page